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Treat the patient by knowing the person.

It’s not your symptom that walks into our office. It’s you. We take time getting to know things like your lifestyle, daily routine, and other factors that can affect our approach to treatment, as well as methods that can help you stay injury-free. Some call this individualized approach “relationship-based care”. We call it “understanding you”.

Keep the technical part simple.

Since you will play an active part in your recovery, it’s important that you understand the reason for your condition, and the method of your treatment. We take pride in translating clinical terminology into simple language, and help you picture things as well. The result is you’re better informed for better results.

Extend courtesies at every turn.

You can expect a warm welcome when you enter our office, each and every time you visit. This often means you can be
seen the day you call. And in an age when phones are answered by computers, ours are answered by our friendly staff––even by Dr. McCoy. He is readily accessible to help with any question or concern.

Be judicious about office visits.

The number of in-office treatments needed can vary, from a few days to months, depending on the type of injury. Whatever the case, we will never over-prescribe visits, especially when home exercising can do as well as a visit. And once you’re back on your feet, we’ll always be here if you ever feel you need us.

Work as part of the patient’s healthcare team.

In today’s world, no healthcare practitioner is an island. We routinely collaborate with a patient’s primary physician regarding our diagnosis and proposed treatment. And we maintain a network of highly qualified providers and specialists for those patients who require medical tests and surgical procedures. Flax Pond Chiropractic Care, Lynn, Massachusetts. Not the usual chiropractic practice.

Personalized Healthcare, Simply Explained, Expertly Delivered.